Basil Hallward (Denis Manuel) is a mediocre painter. His exhibitions owe their success to his social position and nothing more. But one day Basil meets Dorian Gray (Patrice Alexandre), symbol of youth and a certain beauty. The young man inspires Basil, so much so that his painting of Dorian turns out to be a disturbing masterpiece. Fascinated by his own portrait, the young man expressed the wish to sell his soul for an eternal youth. Lord Henry (Raymond Gérome), a friend of Basil's, idle, intelligent, cynical and devilishly seductive character, will then direct the life of Dorian Gray. Under his influence, Dorian gradually sinks into evil but keeps his youth intact, while the table gradually indicates all the stigmata of old age and vice. Until the day when Dorian, obsessed with the testimony of the painting, stabs him. This gesture instantly causes his death; and we find, lying at the foot of a portrait of a young man, the corpse of a repulsive man.

A faithful, elegant and sophisticated adaptation of Oscar Wilde's novel. Brilliant performance by Denis Manuel, Raymond Gérôme and Patrice Alexsandre, surprising Dorian Gray



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